The worship of our Lord and King has always been of premium importance throughout history and, as we see in Revelation, it will continue to be so throughout all of eternity. Here at Oasis, we look for ever increasing ways to offer worship to our Creator God, as well as inspiring and resourcing the Church Family.

Here are the notes from the worship thoughts we do together on a Tuesday night.

Please feel free to download these notes and use them as the basis of your own study.
Keep checking back for the most recent notes.

Download Tuesday 17th Jan 2012 Worship Thoughts
Download Tuesday 24th January 2012 Worship Thoughts

As a member of this team you have been selected to take the responsibility of playing in our services. This should not be taken on lightly, this is not the calling of everyone on this team. You are the example. As you read this booklet I pray you see the high calling placed on you and the responsibility that goes with this calling and together in unity we can lead Gods people into His presence.

Worshiping in small groups can’t be beaten for that intimate, precious, raw and community vibe. If it is done well, there’s something that happens when a small group of people come together in someone’s front room and sing out to God.

Leading small groups in worship has its own set of unique challenges; ironically, leading a small group can be much harder than leading a large group of people.

Download Leading Worship in a small group